Thursday, January 31, 2008

Although today is a day off I was rudely awakened from my slumbers and dreams of Kylie and Sarah Beeny at an ungodly hour by Mrs. C shouting "You'd better check out the garden".
I know it was windy last night because my cough ensured I was still awake at 2 am. But the scene of devastation that met my eyes...the bird table is nailed into the ground but that and the burny bin were pressed against the back wall. Rubbish littered the grass and a variety of other furniture was scattered to the four corners of the known universe.

The cats were safely in all night and trying to persuade them to go out to attend to their needs took some shouting and chasing around. They could see the devastation and as they literally flew around the garden, the dog excitedly flapped around amongst them barking for all her worth.

I remain ill...nuff said, it's boring.
So as I am confined to the house and my plans to go out have been cancelled, I am trawling t'net for stories and general rubbish. I've read the political blogs and all say the same thing: politicians are shite, the country is FUBAR and tit-for-tat name calling and blaming. Their political beliefs can all be summed up by the following:
I know best; give me power; must look good in the media; me first, party next and country definitely last; I mustn't make real decisions but if I do and it goes wrong blame someone else.
So I am looking for funies, music or general tat...there's lots of that.
Paracetamol and disposable tissues to the fore.


Monday, January 28, 2008

There is no justice in the world.

Play dead...

I have a sore throat and general bunged-upness and a fever. Bugger! I have come to the conclusion that I have one continuous cold from October thro' March.
Bolloox and thrice bollox with knobs on.
Aside from that I am pootling along, enjoying the freedom of not studying and reading trashy novels. Lovely.
The fever has stopped my brain from working so I'll post tomorrow after work when perhaps a combination of paracetamol and a hot toddy does the necessary...cure hopefully .

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I broke my 'beerfast' last night and enjoyed a few pints of the most excellent XB. I am a great fan of mild, often derided as a beer for old men in flat caps with their whippet curled up at their feet. Bugger the misconceptions of the misinformed and unenlightened, Mild is a classic beer and I always look out for it. I'll post about it at a future date but I hear the call of the missis.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

After the excitement of last night I had to get my head down to finishing the assignment. Several hours later and it is complete apart from a frontisheet. Tomorrow I can complete it, post it off and I am free at last of my studies.*
Off to the wide blue yonder....


* Until next year.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What can I say.....5 - 1!
We beat the gooners.
Come on you Spurs!!!

I missed the first half but caught up for the rest of it on the radio and had an on-line conversation with an old mate in the States, a fellow Yid from when we used to stand on the terraces. What can I far the highlight of the season and I am not ashamed to say I had tears in my eyes. Tears of joy.
I am off to compose myself with a cuppa chai.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Two by two by two....

Phew! It's damp out there.
The flood sirens went off at regular intervals but it must be disconcerting for the new batch of German doctors working on the elderly mental health unit. Every time it went off the confused elderly folk either dived for cover or assaulted the doctors, apart from one lady who searched for her gasmask.
We nearly got stranded on our return from the seaside town. The road was at one point under a lake of brown water. We weren't entirely sure where the road and fields met and I'm sure I saw a triangular fin traversing the lake. It comes to something when clients phone up and cancel visits because they don't want us getting stranded. But nice all the same and gives us a warm glow.
What isn't so nice is the households all cleaned up and rendered habitable receiving yet another deluge. There isn't much you can say to someone who is going through it all again for the third time within a year.
I'm on call so my scuba gear is ready but my fingers are crossed that I am not called out.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Me...trying to make sense.

My profuse apologies (see Blackadder 2 for Hugh Lauries German accented version of apologies). In between work, illness and an acquired toothache, I have been working on the 'Assessment in Psychosis' (Thorn) Module. 'Tis hard work and there is paper scattered everywhere with serious looking textbooks looking, well, vaguely serious and hard(back)....and intimidating. But I have applied myself with vim (hurts!) and vigour plus endless cups of tea.
Result: I have over 50% of the assignment written up with a nebulous structure for the rest of it floating in the empty space between my ears. I am pleased considering my view a week ago was to hide in my sickbed until February hove to on the Gregorian horizon. My excuse of postal time-space slips/dog incident/death by badger was being prepared for the university. But I rediscovered my getupandgo and I am a happy bunny indeed...allow me a smug gloat [Gloat]. Thankyou. I will finish the assignment during the next week and that is my studying done for this year. The psychotherapy course is on hold for reasons beyond my control and I am unsure as to when it will restart, if at all. That's how much I am in the dark.
I have also had a 'dry' January with no alcohol. I usually have one month during the year as alcohol free and January is the easiest. I have no money after Xmas, I usually have a cold and, if I have had an excess over the holidays then this balances it all out. However, this evening I had a nip of cognac to keep out the cold and it was most welcome. Roll on February although I am aware that Burns night is on the 25th January...I do so like haggis, neeps and tatties with a good Scots Heavy and wee 'un to follow. Maybe I can hang on for the following week and celebrate then. I'm sure Rabbie won't mind if I toast him later than is usual and the six nations will be upon us. Shout at the telly in 'The Tap' time!
I am listening again to this and I'll continue to plug this excellent programme.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Well that's a record for me...over two whole weeks of a 'cold'. I can't believe how much sleep I have had in the past week and I have lost track of what week it is, let alone what day. My sleep pattern is also skedaddled in that I am wide awake at 2 am but flaked out all day. Plus the most amazing dreams/ memories from years ago, old haunts, friendships and flatshares. I'm not sure if they are memories because the images are disjointed and distorted. People who I haven't given a thought to in 20 years popped up in my dreams in vivid technicolour. I am assuming it is the fever and not any hallucinogenic side-effects of nightnurse. My carbon footprint has used up the form of one large tree over the past fortnight unless the disposable tissues are all made from recycled materials and I should invest in menthol scents. I smell like a polo mint.
So today I rejoined the real world with a brief walk out to Asda'a for essentials and to re-acclimatize to the real world....I have never seen so many miserable faces. The Xmas bills must be in. So cheerful music for me and I am pleased just to be reasonably well again. Some snowdrops above to cheer you up - spring isn't too far away.


Monday, January 07, 2008


Just what's needed...alarm clocks that wheel away from you. Can you imagine receiving one of these for Xmas. First morning back to work after a week off, the alarm leaps into life at 05.55 and as you reach to hit the snooze button it races away from you. How long do you really expect one of these gadgets to survive? My clock is deliberately placed at the other end of the bedroom so I have to drag my arse out of bed to switch it off. Within 15 seconds of the alarm going off the dog is racing excitedly around the room and one of three cats adds to the bedlam. It works as I am more than wide awake....the dog knows more Anglo-Saxon than is good for her. One of these would be savaged by the dog or kicked into orbit by my right foot; never a good idea barefoot. The bright colours, movement and gadgetry would appeal to teenagers, a group well known for their early morning rising. Given No.1's current penchant for tuning every radio to BBC Radio 1, I would not be pleased to hear shite music and shouty gibberish at that time of the morning. I can just about cope with Bunty Bagshaw without a middle-class university educated white twenty-something eejit trying to act like a teenage street-cred ghetto yoof.

I am still unwell with manflu. Just as I thought I had turned a corner, I lost my voice and the leurgy spread to my chest. cf. my previous post about healthy lifestyle...I've gotten worse! Maybe twenty pints of Old Wobbler, a packet of Capstan full strength and a large donor kebab with extra chilli would set me right.

Now that I have upset the health gestapo, vegetarians and children, I need a cup of tea.


Saturday, January 05, 2008

This healthy eating lark is not all it's cracked up to be. I decided that prunes would be helpful after all that rich grub over the Chrimble period, as well as unsalted nuts, baked beans, green veg, lentils and wholemeal bread. So the last few days have seen me eating sensible, no-nonsense, healthy food. My innards have rebelled and I am forever on the bog.
Maybe I should have made the adjustment gradually.

No alcohol either but my craving for chocolate has surprised me. Mind you, Toblerones were a major part of the 'Xmas xperience'. Back to the carrot juice.

Friday, January 04, 2008


Well the holiday season is well and truly over.
Several referrals and they all have a common denominator: Relationship ended therefore imbibe lots of alcohol plus lots of pills. What is unusual this time around is that the referrals aren't coming from the medical wards but from GP's two or three days later. That is more worrying because irrespective of the amount and type of pills it is better to be safe rather than sorry...and dying or dead. Go to A&E and get checked out because you really don't know what is lurking in your medical background. That handful of 'harmless painkillers' plus vodka might do a lot more damage than you realize. Casualty might make it look dramatic and cool, plus the complexities of the personal lives of the healthcare staff, but really, it is all too often sad, frightening and at times pathetic (arousing pity, sympathy or compassion). We really are not there to sit in judgement, although we might question your colour co-ordination skills. But a snap decision to overdose for whatever reason is just that; a snap decision which can be addressed and need not mean anything more than a brief interlude in your life. Better a brief interlude than a full stop. So, having swallowed tablets, swallow your pride and seek help.

Gratuitous picture of
Yellow instead of
grey January days.

I travelled to work in the dark; I worked the day in a foggy, damp greyness and, I returned home in the dark. Hence my need for a bright splash of colour to counteract the monotonous drab grey of today. So I am going to indulge myself with light and colour...

That's better.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Good grief!
I didn't wake up until very late this morning. The leurgy is effecting the whole right-hand side of my head. I can't hear, my eye is get the picture. So I am wrapped up warm and attempting to get better for my return to work tomorrow.

I'm orf to lie down in a darkened room.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Year!

Well I never.
I woke up tired but sober having stayed awake to watch the 'L.A. music scene'. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; The Flying Burrito Brothers; Joni Mitchell; The Eagles, etc...I toasted out the old year with an excellent Italian beer as I listened to sublime music until 3 am.
No.1 son asked me about resolutions and I resolved to quit skydiving in polkadot dresses. Mrs.C and I are making 'lifestyle' changes, not the 'D' word. No alcohol for me during January and a reduction in the usual waist expanding foods. More exercise; happily the hound will help me there. I also want to travel abroad this year having avoided it for several years, usually as a result of a lack of funds. Some ideas come to mind but no firm plans as yet. I have the white elephant of the 'Psychosis' course to lay to rest for the 4th february deadline. This will entail a lot of work over the next four weeks. Once that is completed my time, apart from work, will be my own. Another resolution is to watch more live music. Not the big stadium fillers but more of the local bands and musicians, both folk, blues, rock and acoustic. Nothing beats a small venue with the musicians up close and personal. Mrs.C has had a great ending to her year having contacted her brother after 27 years absence. He moved south to the great metropolis around the same time we left and moved to Grimsby. So a meeting in the coming months to be arranged.
Time for a shower and a second cup of tea. I turned the radio on and a lifestyle coach was giving her spiel...To a chorus of "Fuck Off!" I turned on the sublime Crosby, Stills and Nash. I haven't resolved to stop swearing....