Friday, August 27, 2010

Ha Ha! A long weekend off and home for a curry and some beer. Johnny Cash on Spotify and I can switch my working brain off. Driving home with huge thunderclouds on my left and sunshine on my right was an odd experience. It felt like the intro to a Hollywood Sci Fi blockbuster but without the music and voiceover.Black lowering clouds with a huge orange fiery ball glowering opposite it. Spectacular and a reminder that the natural world can provide the best entertainment.
As for the weekend, I'm hoping to go out tomorrow with some friends for a few beers, maybe some live music and to catch up on the news. I haven't been in a pub for several weeks and a night to let off some steam would be nice with some loud and dirty rock music to blast away the cobwebs. For now, a quiet beer and catching up on blogs to some good sounds.


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