Thursday, February 27, 2014

Following national and international news and this article immediately caught my eye. Why am I not surprised by the eu's desire to influence voters via a campaign of lies, obfuscation and propaganda.

What sticks in my throat is the use of taxpayers money to spy upon us in the lead up to supposedly free elections. I guess it shows the eurocrats are worried and believe the electorate will vote in eurosceptics and people who question the current nature of the eu and proposals for a European federal state. So with the NSA, GCHQ and now the eu spying on us and on each other, plus China, Russia and large corporations... there must be one poor bugger somewhere who doesn't belong to any of these groups and is the recipient of all of their attention. Must be me then...


Update: hat tip to Bill Sticker regarding internet shenanigans by governments and their associates.


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