Sunday, February 09, 2014


I managed to attend to some necessary tasks in the garden yesterday during a dry spell although the wind continued to blow a houlie. The plastic greenhouse has survived the winds although I moved it and repaired some of the damage. I'm hoping to grow some cucumbers this year and to avoid the depredations of the snails and slugs. I also cleared out a corner spot for an apple tree and I will be scouring the various garden centres for a suitable English eating apple tree. I have been reading this site for guidance and if I don't find a suitable tree locally (my preference) I will order on-line. I prefer to see things in the flesh and to support local businesses. Although my garden is a mess, we have been lucky to escape the dreadful floods which are blighting the south west of England. However, this may explain why the current floods are worse than ever as well as the environment agency's tardiness. If this is true then the anger will grow and the forthcoming eu elections will be very interesting.
Here in sunny Grimsby we have had a lot of rain and wind but it is relatively mild compared to the West Country. The warning about cats being blown away during this windy weather happily doesn't apply to my cats... the two elderly pusses have to be pried from whichever comfortable chair they have glued themselves to. But they are venerable old beasties now so I cannot blame them and Tigger looks like a furry bowling ball. She would require a bigger gust of wind than is usual to lift her airbourne!

On the job search front the local "social enterprise"is advertising for nurses so I have my CV up to date and ready for when I can access the application forms. They ask prospective candidates to use their website which has been down all weekend so a phone call tomorrow morning to appraise them of this problem. A part-time job on my own doorstep would be the ideal and there are community as well as ward based jobs going. Hopefully, once I have sorted that out and the weather improves I shall finally get down to Essex for a couple of days. With the days lengthening and getting brighter I may be able to shake off the malaise I have been under for the past few weeks and motivate my arse into a higher gear


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