Friday, January 24, 2014

It's No.1 son's last day on the factory floor and, after a weeks holiday, he starts his training in Oracle for the same company. No increase in pay but he sees it as a stepping stone to a career and a better lifestyle and he will no longer smell like manna to felines. He enjoys computers and IT so he is looking forward to this and he'll be in the cold store a lot as well. He'll be wrapped up like an Eskimo which will be nice during the few hot days we get in summer. Excuse me... Molly, our oldest cat is sprawled across my chest and it is hard to type with her here.

She is the small brown cat studiedly ignoring Mog and nearest the camera. We believe she is now 18 years old which would put her in her nineties in human years. She is once again showing bald patches and she takes her time to climb up things (my legs are scarred!) or to jump down. Poor old tatty cat who is spoilt rotten.

Here she is sharing the spare bed with Louis who is three times her size and pesters her to play. I am astonished that they sleep in close proximity but they appear comfortable with each others company. The stuff on the bed is from our latest tidy up and there is a lot of stuff to be get rid of. The local charity shops may acquire some of it as I am a great believer in recycling although I may sell some of it on-line. Farcebook has a local "swaps & sales" page.
On the job front there is no news as yet from the applications I made. Friday afternoon appears to be the time when new NHS jobs are posted so I'll have a trawl through that this evening. Otherwise, feet up and a good book plus a good whisky is my plan for this evening. Especially after Mrs C. and I helped some chap this morning to catch his adorable but very lively Husky which had escaped from his garden and decided to play with the traffic. That's my workout for the day done!


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