Monday, January 06, 2014

After a few days of enforced rest my leg has improved and I am once again going out and about. The cats have enjoyed it because I am available as a comfortable bed although the dog has endured a lack of walks. Seeing the news and reading others' blogs about the astonishing weather conditions in the USA and Canada has made me grateful we have had a mild winter thus far. Temperatures as low as -50's Fahrenheit including the wind chill is astonishing. All I can say is keep warm and stay safe out there until it improves.

I have been following this furore regarding Michael Gove's article about the history of World War 1. It has been the usual bean feast with accusations flying in both directions. I suspect the "truth" will again be the first victim in this latest spat. The major European states prepared for war but blundered into a war they could not comprehend once the blue touch paper was lit in Sarajevo. Patriotism certainly played a major part in attracting many to participate but I do wonder how long that survived the slaughter, bloodshed and mud of the trenches amongst the ordinary Tommies and Fritzes. The generals and planners still extolled the benefits of cavalry and had ignored the lessons to be learned from the US civil war. Artillery, machine guns, mass slaughter and trench warfare had taken place during that conflict but the generals appear to have ignored those lessons. Whatever Gove says about Blackadder, the humour about General Melchard and his plan to walk slowly towards the enemy ( kicking a football ) over shell blasted mud, barbed wire and against machine guns spoke volumes about the pointless and needless slaughter of thousands of young men. The millions of words written since to justify a stupid war cannot erase that ultimately the war achieved little but did lead to another horrifying war a generation later. It also acted as midwife to the emergence of Fascist and Communist states. The recent pointless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan prove that politicians never change and the latter has lasted longer than both WW1 and 2 combined. What will these conflicts engender in the years to come? I do believe that reading and educating oneself about those conflicts rather than the point scoring bullshit of both left and right might be preferable although I may as well teach pigs to fly if I expect a reasonable informed debate about it all.
Anyhow, time for tea and then that long anticipated walk for the pooch.


Blogger Scoakat said...

I'm glad your on the mend. Got anything for my toes - they're a bit froze! I may wear long johns to the office tomorrow!

10:21 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

You could do with a n electrically heated suit. Keep warm and safe!

8:16 am  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

I often wonder where we'be be as a country now if we stopped wasting money and lives on pointless wars. Those 'in control' clearly learn nothing from history.

Nice vessel at the top. What is it?

8:47 am  

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