Saturday, January 18, 2014

I decided last night that I would have a couple of beers having abstained for nearly three weeks. I have a few bottles of special beers put away and one of them is shown in the following video.

Imperial Russian Stout, a beer I had not tried before last night but one that had been on my list for years as I am a fan of porters and stouts. I can't remember where I bought the two bottles but I decided to have only the one last night as it is a strong brew despite it being only 275 mls in size. A healthy respect for an excellent beer and it certainly was that. I also had two bottles of Lion Stout which is a Sri Lankan beer and is sweeter than the Russian beer. It is a beer I have always liked since discovering it in a local Sri Lankan corner shop where I lived in Highgate.

I have to admit, three small bottles that lasted me all evening and I slept like a log last night, only emerging from the covers at 08.30! Mind you, I was up until 1.30 am trying to get one of the bloody cats in. Louis will only go out if the back door is left open so I had to get him back. He'll be locked out the next time he pulls that stunt. 


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