Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I have a job interview!
I was excited to receive the email inviting me to attend so I phoned them immediately to confirm the date and time. I then printed off a lot of paperwork particularly regarding the documentation I must bring along. Happily all to hand except for my nurse registration card. Quelle horreur! I have last years card but not the recent one which I must have shredded by mistake. Luckily I kept the paper confirmation which is what HR want to see and my renewal is due this coming March. I will be bringing myself up to speed with the latest in nursing but particularly around continuing health care which is the area of work for this interview. The job is 28 hours per week and will involve commuting but I can cope with that for four days a week. So a quick visit to Essex later this week and on my return a few days of refreshing my memory and remembering interview skills and techniques.



Blogger Sean Clark said...

Great news - good luck!

6:25 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Cheers Seany. I'm getting nervous now but I regard that as a good sign. I might put off my visit to Essex until the following weekend as I prepare for the interview.

12:02 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Well done and good luck!

Let me know if you do have time to meet up while you're down this way.

9:21 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Hi BW. Thanks and I will do.

12:36 pm  

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