Sunday, February 02, 2014

I must be growing stupid in my dotage so I've confined myself to this corner where I'll stick pencils up my nostrils and wear my underpants on my head ( © E.Blackadder Esq. ). After the excitement of receiving news of the interview I enquired further as to what the job entailed. Imagine my horror when I felt a keen sense of déjà vu... 400 miles weekly commute plus mileages of between 100 - 500 miles per week on top of that. I was returning to a situation similar to my last job. I cancelled the interview and I am now looking at a couple of job opportunities closer to home where commuting will be less than 5 miles. That sounds like a cunning plan to me...

On the home front I have had a few sleepless nights courtesy of a bad back with added sciatica as a side dish. I keep moving around and some painkillers help although one night I got so fed up I resorted to what was left of the whisky. That and watching old episodes of Colditz on you tube got me through that night! But the dark dog days of January have given way to the brighter days of February. So much so that I wandered around the garden, examined the mud patch at the bottom of the garden and I am considering my plans for the plants I would like to put in. I am hoping we will have some dry days which will allow the garden to dry out and I can get in to tidy up. I also captured some photographs of this...

It looks like a Sparrowhawk and it was after the sparrows hiding in the bushes. Despite several attempts over ten minutes it flew away without any prey. A beautiful yet deadly creature which I captured on camera from the upstairs bedroom.We have plenty of seed out for the birds with sparrows, doves, pigeons, thrushes and blue tits visiting although no sign of a robin. Time for a quiet afternoon in with a good book, coffee and despite the bright day, keeping wrapped up and warm.


Blogger delcatto said...

I didn't have a quiet afternoon in. The weather was too good so a long dog walk by the river and soaking up the sunshine instead.

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