Saturday, February 15, 2014

Yesterday evening I developed a dreadful toothache and I could feel, whenever I poked at it, a sore swelling beneath the bridge covering two of my teeth. A Friday evening, no dentists open and the emergency dentist  did not get back to me.

I resorted to an old and well tried remedy apart from poking at it so that I obtained momentary relief when I left it alone... alcohol! I swilled some malt whisky around the affected area which I of course swallowed. After an evening of good whisky I had an excellent nights sleep and this morning the pain had gone. However, lesson learned and I shall be booking myself in to see a dentist next week. I don't generally mind dentists having learnt at an early age to dissociate myself from the action in the dentists chair. I do however, have an aversion to teeth and in particular dentures. As a child there was a dentists shop near our regular bus stop and one window was full of old dentures. I hated looking at them and I would avert my eyes elsewhere. You can imagine the job I was given years ago as a student nurse... washing the dentures of elderly patients! I hated that job more than any other as we rinsed them at night, placed them in steradent and ready for the patients use the next morning. Ugh... it still gives me the shivers. Incidently, why are the cocaine drops advertised using children playing? 


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