Friday, May 16, 2014

What can I say.... a beautiful day and once the various necessary chores were completed, I hied myself to the garden. I set the chair out, headphones on for suitable music & a freshly brewed mug of coffee close to hand. Heaven! No media of any sort, just the sun and a slight cooling breeze as I was joined by the mutt & one of the cats for company. The headphones were necessary because of the workmen at the back and newish neighbours a few doors up from us making a racket. Just what I needed for a couple of hours to unwind. Plenty of bees around, lots of insects and several butterflies which amused the dog no end.

We have plenty of wild flowers as I have adopted the lazy gardeners technique of chucking wild flower seeds in various spots and enjoying whatever plants make an appearance. It seems to do the trick each year and makes a contrast to the vegetables and other assorted flowers we grow. As I sat there it occurred to me that there are various jobs I could attend to whilst the weather is good... after dismissing such nonsense I continued to enjoy the sun on my face and limbs. Sometimes it is right and proper to take the time to sniff the flowers.


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