Sunday, May 13, 2012

This new look blogger is bright, shiny but worth bugger all. After trying yesterday I finally found a way today into posting because the necessary icons are missing from the main page. I may have to consider starting anew elsewhere if it doesn't improve.
After a few busy and very stressful days at work I have spent the weekend walking, gardening and living the rock 'n' roll life with early nights. Two days of dry weather and I had the opportunity to tackle the garden. So many many tomato plants again but many now potted up and ready for new homes. In the greenhouse the strawberry plants are flowering despite Tigger sleeping on them, the shallots are thriving and lots of beetroot coming through. More than enougth to keep me occupied for most of today although I am now glued to the PC and listening to BBC Radio 5 Live for the football.
As stated, the placement at work has been very busy with AMHP assessments coming through and I have been trying to get used to the new role. I also received the good news that we have all passed the two exams although my concerns have always focused upon the essay which we have yet to receive news about. What I am particularly enjoying is the contact with people I ordinarily wouldn't get to see. Interesting discussions about the current zeitgeist surrounding the public sector, politics and the economic situation both here and abroad. I am always surprised to discover that not every social worker is a Guardian reading, sandal wearing Bolshevik. The general consensus is that life will be extremely difficult over the next decade / we are fucked / where are the lifeboats as the good ship Britannia has hit several ice bergs? Unsurprisingly, many of those very close to retirement or can go fairly soon are considering leaving the NHS and leaving the rest of us to it. I don't blame them and if I had the option I would choose the same route. Interesting times with performing dogs winning £500k, Greece... is the word goodbye, a UK government of the inept for the unkept and extremists garnering support across Europe. Sigh....


Blogger Scoakat said...

I hate blogger's new dashboard look, too, I always forget the labels. I am getting used to it, though, it does the same things just in different places.
As for your country, well, I have trouble with mine every day. Fun times, indeed.

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