Saturday, May 05, 2012

Given the current weather I am expecting to wake up one morning and see the above. It's cold, wet and windy alternating with cold, hailstones and windy. Drenched today whilst walking the mutt who loves going out whatever the weather so at least she is happy. I also have a sinus infection so I am not a happy bunny. That's the moaning out of the way... on with the motley.

The placement is ongoing and I have been busy, a lesson in being careful with what you wish for. One day I finished very late as I spent the better part of several hours on one case finally concluding it at 10 pm.  So this bank holiday weekend may well be spent catching up on sleep although tonight there is a reunion of the local pub regulars at our local wetherspoons. I think some alcohol may be imbibed... Our local pub 'The Tap' remains closed and sadly is likely to remain closed. It's crazy really because the whole building apart from one tattoo parlour is empty. The potential for refurbishing the building as flats, retail units and the pub is huge but there is no money and little interest in it. Beside it is several further empty buildings and a huge expanse of derelict brownfield begging to be used. Currently it is used for dog walking and by local kids as a place to hang out. If the govt. used the banks owned largely by the state and supported the local council with loans / funding to kickstart rebuilding and refurbishing projects it could create jobs and address some of the housing issues.Instead, we have another local factory closing with the loss of a further 340 jobs and nothing else on the horizon. No.1 son has asked the job centre to arrange for him to join a job placement scheme for eight weeks. One of those unpaid work fare schemes the clueless Metropolitan liberals criticised. He said he'd rather do an unpaid job for the experience insead of sitting around with little to do. He has also applied to be an extra in a Ron Howard production being filmed at Cadwell Park, the local race track about twenty miles from here. It's only two days work but if I had the opportunity I would certainly apply. I'm not interested in motor racing but No.1 enjoys Formula 1 racing and if accepted he'll get paid for participating in something he enjoys and it'll be recorded on film. Sounds good to me. Time to get the menthol crystals out and blast this sinus problem.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

"...the whole building apart from one tattoo parlour is empty."

Back when times were hard in the 1980s I recall friends trying to run a pine shop (trendy in most places) in a similar sort of town (albeit in the SW) say that the only sort of recession-proof business would be a tattoo parlour over a tobacconist. Plus ca change. One of the five (yes, five) tattoo places in Local Small Town is currently advertising, "Tattoo now, pay later!" deals. You have never seen so many puchschairs parked outside one shop during the day. A food bank has also just opened in the town - and it's the same young women patronsiing both. I give up.

Good for No. 1 son: I wish more youngsters would realise the value of such a placement for their CV.

6:08 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Cheers BW.He is disillusioned with job centres and has little time for lying politicians. Yes, I can certainly beieve queues of young mothers for tattoos... astonishing.

2:57 pm  

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