Monday, May 14, 2012

Study day today but after several hours studying my head is fizzing, sparking and in danger of going Pfft! A quick trawl of the on-line newspapers and a studied avoidance of the economic and political turmoil out there brought me to this.

I love sausages and this dieting lark means I have had to be creative. I know of three local butchers where I can buy very low fat tasty sausages. One offers low fat Lincolnshire, pork & apple, Toulouse, Spanish style chorizo, etc... Ten quid for three pounds of sausages but I ensure they last and I can fill in at times with the low fat supermercado versions. With the latter I tend to remove the sausages from their skins, mix with herbs, spices, citrus, etc... to add flavour. Occasionally I will just 'bite the bullet' and have a proper sausage especially if it is something I haven't tried before. Wild boar, Greek wine and beef sausages, black puddings... now I am salivating. There is one butcher in Louth which specialises in a huge variety of sausages but over the last year I have avoided his shop. A good sausage cassoulet with boiled potatoes always goes down well in winter. Having seen Scoakat's recent BBQ and with the sun having finally made an appearance my thoughts wander to barbecue hence the sausages, steaks, chicken, etc... with a cold beer and good company. I am promising myself a BBQ during my two weeks off this summer in between the decorating and the thousand and one jobs lined up for my time off. As for the sausages... it will be spicy pork & pepper kebabs tonight with rice and beans.
Back to the books...


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