Monday, April 16, 2012

Tired today but for once it is a consequence of social and home life. No.1 son had a job interview last Friday across the watter in god's own country... East Yorkshire. It was four hours of interviews, tests, tour of the plant and more interviews. Whilst he attended that I popped over to Withernsea for some bracing North Sea air and chips. No.1 is now waiting for feedback and fingers crossed for the next interview down at Loughborough. If successful he will start a four year apprenticeship with much of the training taking place in the East Midlands and placements at power stations across the country. Fingers and other appendages crossed!
I then spent the weekend in Bolton for a reunion with some old friends from kibbutz days. It was the first time in twenty-eight years that all of us were together in the same place at the same time. Great to hear Dutch spoken again and to reminisce about days of yore. We are planning to meet up more regularly and to arrange a further reunion in Holland at some point. What surprised me was the ease of the journey despite roadworks on the M62. Three hours travelling with a break to stretch my legs included and wonderful views of the moors. Lots of walking whilst in Bolton and looking at architecture as well as chewing the fat.  But three days of driving, fretting over No.1's inteview and late nights with plenty of beer and early mornings took their toll. Hence today's study day was conducted at a leisurely pace with plenty of tea for fuel. Placement proper begins tomorrow and I am glad to be out of the classroom and back in the real world.


Blogger Scoakat said...

You had me going there, with the Bolton pic. Good luck to your son and cheers on the reunion!

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