Sunday, April 22, 2012

The first week of my placement now completed and an interesting week indeed. A number of assessments done with debates and discussions with a variety of social workers along the way. Some late finishes especially when a referral comes in late in the day but that is the nature of the job. As per usual the pressure and stresses of the academic world fall away and I succumb to a cold. This weekend has been aurally muffled with frequent requests... "I didn't hear that can you repeat it please". Generally to Mrs C. although she states I am selectively deaf anyway. One of the interesting assessments saw me waiting outside a police station waiting for a supervisor in the pouring rain, hence the combination of wet weather and tiredness did wonders for my cold as did the deep puddle I stepped into. Thank the gods for Olbas oil and paracetamol.

Why the above picture you may be asking?
I discovered this morning that Mog, for it was he, has been extremely well trained in the use of the cat litter box which he couldn't access this morning because the door was shut. He found a solution by depositing his load into one of my slippers. Luckily, I happened to glance down before inserting my foot and the silence was rent asunder by Anglo-Saxon profanities. Mog is currently asleep underneath my chair as I type. He's in during the day and will be out overnight sleeping in his penthouse suite on the bird table, little furry bugger.
More coffee and paracetamol required as I attempt to kill off this cold. Blocked sinuses and earache aren't conducive for me arriving bright eyed and bushy tailed at work tomorrow. Especially since the last piece of work I did on Friday with the crisis team will undoubtedly be requiring my attention at 9 tomorrow. I may have to resort to a stiff Bourbon tonight ('Old Samuel'... quite tasty) if nothing else works.


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