Sunday, August 20, 2006

All Hail to Armitage Shanks...

If you guessed correctly, the photo from the other day was none other than the delightful Miranda Richardson. Here's a more recent photo.

Recovery day...too much beer and whisky last night but it was a great night out with good company and a few laughs.But most of today was spent slowly recovering; alcohol on an empty stomach was not a good idea. However, I managed to make an excellent roast chicken dinner (No.1 son's favourite) including the ritual of explaining once again why he should eat carrots. I was a bloody vegetarian when he was conceived so how come any vegetable is anathema to him? I'll have to hide vegetables in his food somehow. But the food was well received and it was followed by the traditional fall asleep in front of the TV until I realised one of the discovery channels had three hours of 'Time Team' on...I still fell asleep! I managed my weekly fix of Time Team and that's me a happy bunny for today.
As a kid I disliked Sundays but over the past several years I have grown to really enjoy the 'ritual' of a Sunday, not at work of course. The rituals are: early walk with the dog; newspapers and a leisurely breakfast; prepare and cook the dinner; find a ropey programme on the TV and generally chill out. No.1 son usually takes off to see his friends but occasionally we can make time for cards or a board game if he stays at home. Sunday evenings, radio or play CD's and read a good book. As Mrs.C is often fond of telling people.."He has a radio in every room and listens to them all".So the radio is usually on as I potter about the house. Boring to some I guess but for someone who works two out of every four weekends it keeps me grounded and I thoroughly enjoy it. Mind you, if the weather is good we often head out somewhere for a few hours...and guess what? Yep, 'heavy showers at times' according to the weatherman.Mind you, I've had no interest in going out today except for forays into the garden whilst 'Blue sky spotting'.
Yesterday I looked up some info about York and I have never been to the Jorvik Centre. We took our son when we met up with some friends several years ago and he went in with them to look around. Mrs.C and I had very little money so we sat outside and 'people watched'. Mind you, some Viking re-enactors were outside so that was entertaining. So we may go there as well as look around York. If we aren't too tired we might also take in the ghost walk. I'll have to wait until after pay day. I earn more these days but I pay out more...inflation of 2% my backside! I'll end up ranting if I go on about utility companys, I won't. We might have a day out at Lincoln or the seaside...We'll see.
Current Listening: Procul Harem 'A Whiter Shade of Pale'album.


Blogger Seany said...

I have a Sunday ritual too - it basically involves muttering "never again" for much of the day and throwing a large quantity of z's at the TV. Particularly after Saturdays like that one was!

York is highly recommended - I've had many a happy day out there (yes, alchohol-free too!). The Jorvic Centre is well worth a visit, as is the Minster, but you really ought to see the |Railway Museum. I'm no trainspotter but I really enjoyed it (the fact that it was free may have helped!).

Lincoln can be plenty of fun too. Visit the castle this Bank Holiday Monday and Quo are playing there. At £30 a ticket though, I'd buy a bargain bin CD for a fiver and spend what you'd save on a day out somewhere else!

8:37 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Choo Choo! I'll see if son is interested as I do like trains...and cars, aircraft, fact all sorts of transport.The science museum was my favourite as a nipper so all sorts of gadgets as well.

9:40 pm  

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