Friday, August 18, 2006

Chilled to perfection...

Adopt the chilled position for today, sans the fag of course.
Can you guess who and, gorgeous is not the answer but one I would agree with.

Ah...that's better, a cup of tea and settle in at the PC. Well, it's warm out but it's wet. I was soaked twice yesterday and again this morning taking the hound out.So a bit of exercise for me and lots for her.Currently listening to Bill Frisell 'Good Dog,Happy Man' which matches the opening of this post. See! I told you it's arse it is.
Today is for chilling out..getting my bearings and 'adjusting ' to two weeks of having nothing to do with crisis work. I read Chris Evans' blog ('shlog') yesterday and his post about everyone needing 'a hill' which is their personal zone for relaxation and a true perspective. I was quite frankly surprised, Chris Evans having more depth to him than I had hitherto imagined. The blog is also a good read and I recommend it. But his comments regarding each having their own hill really struck a chord. One of my colleagues also has two weeks leave now and we both felt full to the brim of other peoples problems and we both felt we were beginning to run on empty...cliche city this entry! Maybe I should run an anonymous blog detailing work and all the details (maintaining confidentiality of course!) of the sordid underbelly of modern society. Madness to some extent, lots of parasuicides and self harming, but also the anger, drugs, alcohol, perceived failure and general unhappiness we deal with. However, two weeks of walking, cycling, gardening, etc... should chill me to the a nice stylee.

I am cooking a marrow in the oven stuffed with minced beef, vegetables and spices and making a spag bol for Mrs.C. I've finely chopped the carrots so there is as much carrots as minced bef in both...healthier option. I've got the time today to do this.
I'm orf for another cuppa.
TTFN mes enfants.


Blogger Seany said...

Gorgeous indeed. I'll take a wild guess at Queen Elizabeth I, taking a well earned break from threatening to remove Lord Percy's head...

11:36 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Yes indeed..."Who's Queen?"

10:29 am  

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