Monday, August 28, 2006

House 'work'...

Mrs.C and I spent the weekend discussing the work that the house needs attending to.
Gulp! Lots of it and as a fully paid up member of the 'Lazy Crap DIYer's Society', it's become clear that some of it can no longer be avoided. I have the phone number of a reliable handyman (married to a work colleague) whom I'll ask to cost a couple of jobs for us. We are also finally getting the gasfire removed from the front room and plan to put in a grate, etc..for a real fire. We'd like a woodburner but paying the shareholders of various utility companies precludes that and we need to save up for it. So a real fire...cue singed pussies (Got your attention you filthy minded beast you!) and even more singed mutt. It should be interesting watching three cats and a dog vying for the best spot. The fireplace itself, behind the white painted board and dreadful gasfire is delightful to look at. I had to rescue a pigeon last year that had fallen down the chimney and discovered the wonderful Edwardian tiles. They do look like the genuine article and I am astonished that the fireplace was blocked off.
Hence our desire to open it up; we'll need a chimneysweep to check all is ok although the pigeon looked fairly clean. More importantly, we need to check that smoke draws properly and doesn't smoke us and/or the neighbours out. So No.1 daughter on her return from her hols will give us the number of a reputable corgi engineer via her landlord and Mrs.C wants this done asap. She's not allowing me time to do my usual 'Let's consider all angles...', with the job still outstanding six months later.
However, when the fireplace is done...real toast and crumpets on a toasting fork. No.1 son has already made plans to buy in marshmallows. I can picture the scene: rain beating down on the windows and a cold wind blowing; log fire burning in the grate and I'll be sat back with a good book and a malt whisky; a knock at the door and Watson will say "Holmes, who can it be..." Oops! Carried away there. You get the picture...We're off to B&Q to as I have the chance to endanger life and limb later.The kitchen needs new lights and I have to fit them...


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