Monday, August 21, 2006

Keeping abreast...

Today I have been mostly....sitting in the breast clinic with Mrs.C. A dull way to spend a couple of hours but a necessary checkup. Apart from sitting there and watching the comings and goings of various women, there was one in particular who suddenly made me and doubtless everyone else realise the importance of mammograms, check ups,etc... She walked in confidently and appeared to know the staff very well.She chatted about various things before sitting down and smiling at us all. What gave it away was the complete lack of hair and the bright scarf on her head. That and my own Mrs' scare a few years back brought home the nature of todays visit...all clear I am pleased to say.

As predicted No.1 out with his mates for most of today, hanging around and looking cool as well as avoiding chavs. Two of his mates were assaulted the other day by some lowlife drunken twat. What angered me is that one of his mates is 15 and it was a grown man who assaulted them. Another carling/fosters hero no doubt who had a go because of the style of dress. As my son says, he and his friends stay in a big group for protection and do know where to run for help. It doesn't stop us worrying about him. But we can't keep him at home and 'mollycoddle' him, just hope he and his friends remain safe. It comes as no surprise to find that N.E.Lincolnshire is amongst the worst counties in the UK for alcohol problems. The main industries are gone or employ cheap labour form Eastern Europe, few available jobs anyway and a culture of hopelessness/ anger and envy. Those who do well at school and university invariably move away and the feckless wasters like the tosser mentioned above can't move away. It's a shame because this is a good area to live and the problems here are mirrored all over the country, so it is not unique to this area.
Anyway, to cheer us all up...

Playing: BBC Radio 6 but now putting some of my own music on as the current track is shite...Tom, put on some decent music! That's better...The Who.
Drinking: Orange some dorito's.


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