Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Snakes on a Drain"... nope, I can't remember that movie but it appears to be showing locally...

What with scorpions and Black Widow spiders found in the UK I guess I shouldn't be too surprised by the above. The local moggies would have been in for a nasty shock but it's one way to reduce the local rat population. Perhaps it's a surreptitious means of attempting to reduce the badger population by the government.

                            "You ain't seen me, right!"       ( Courtesy of ).

Talking of wildlife, I rescued the frog that has been hiding in amongst our tomato plants after some gardening this morning. The cats were sniffing around so with the repositioning of the plants the frog should be safe for now. The little furry buggers torment any frogs they find and it drives the dog nuts because of the squeaking noise they make. We have also noticed the change in the season with fog each morning, noticeably cooler at night and the abundance of spider webs around the garden. Autumn is just over the horizon although I continue to hope for another few weeks of sunshine. I am ever the optimist...


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