Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I was told about this whilst checking out the cost of a skip. What a simple but brilliant idea... buy it over the internet and it includes collection at a time convenient to you during the next twelve months. The bag is posted out to you and then used for your rubbish from building, garden waste, etc... There is more here and I have ordered one for our forthcoming building work.

I popped into an art exhibition that was on today in the local church and I left feeling a bit deflated. One of the artists is very good and I was impressed with some of her work, particularly the water scenes as well as some of the scenes at sea. The other artists did not impress although that may have been because the work was not to my taste. However, I have just found out that there are two further exhibitions on locally so I shall pop along to view those. I'm discovering each day that I can now choose what I want to do including popping in the car to go off exploring with my camera. Cleethorpes pier has now reopened under the aegis

of a consortium of local businessmen. They opened it in time for last weekends air show so I am hoping to take some photos from there. For a number of years it ran as a nightclub but violence, alcohol and stupidity eventually saw its demise as such. It's now back to its traditional use for day trippers and holidaymakers. It's a while since I was last on it. I must away as I have a slow beef stew simmering for todays appropriate seasonal weather... rain, wind and not very summery at all. I have to check it as well as ensure the more adventurous (greedy?) cats aren't exploring the possibilities of dipping an ill advised paw into the contents.


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