Monday, July 29, 2013

After not posting for a while I have finally surfaced.
The hot weather has been a boon and most welcome despite my discovering how much of an impact hay fever has had upon me. It laid me out on two days although I was stupid enough to go for a lengthy walk on one day during the hottest part of the day. I have to admit that apart from some gardening and walking I have started retirement by doing as little as possible. I have caught up on reading books which I hadn't the time to read and if there are medals for sleeping, I have won gold. I had underestimated how tired I really was and it is wonderful having the opportunity to either sleep in or rise early with an afternoon nap to catch up. The heat has meant an early walk for the pooch when it is relatively cooler for her. Age is catching up with her and I have to ensure she gets just enough exercise and no more. The spaniel half wants to run and run... her back legs aren't able to manage this.

It's been a couple of days since I wrote the above. I haven't really been in the mood for blogging and to be honest, when the sun shines I head outside to enjoy it. I have booked the builder for the bathroom and I am awaiting delivery of the tiles, bathroom suite, etc... Work to commence next week and we can't wait for the work to be done. I will eventually post pictures of before and after and you may then understand why the work is necessary. I spent this a.m after attending slimming world searching for "moisture resistant mdf" only to buy moisture proofed plywood to go under the floor tiles. Hopefully delivery of everything will go smoothly as the delivery date has been changed once already. I just now have to order a small skip for next week and Bob's yer uncle.

Slimming world today was my first attendance for nearly a month and I am starting today afresh to amend the damage. I consider the last four weeks as an extended holiday and it's now time to move up a gear and crack on with life and a be a bit more disciplined. I have been contacted by a local employer and I am expecting an invitation for an interview for the nursing bank. Hence my need to shift out of holiday mode.
Once the bathroom is done I'll also be free to go off for trips out including my long desired return to Whitby, a trip up to Hadrian's Wall as well as various visits to family and friends. I haven't had any inclination to drive anywhere and the break from driving has been most welcome. No.1 son is still trying to tempt me into buying a motorcycle but I've decided I prefer the comfort of four wheels, a roof over my head and stereo. He got lost returning from Bradford the other night during the monsoon and I spent an anxious couple of hours waiting up 'til 2 a.m. and his safe return. I have no concerns about his abilities but I certainly have concerns about the variety of idiots on the road when it comes to bikes.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Lovely to be back to an easily readable format!

Don't be tempted/talked into doing too much work will you? Just enough to satisy the essentials. There's more to life than work. As you're finding :)

8:23 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thanks BW. I prefer the simpler format as the other was too messy.
I'm just awaiting confirmation of an interview date but I'm adamant I want to work part time only.

9:32 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

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9:32 am  

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