Thursday, August 22, 2013

It has been a week of tidying up, some small bits of DIY but primarily a week of relaxing. Having workmen in and the necessary disruption to one's usual routine was a reminder of how much my home is my sanctuary. I feel safe, secure and able to relax here at home. Yes, I know it may well be an illusory sense of safety but it feels real to me and it is lovely just sitting out in the garden surrounded by the dog and various cats, a mug of tea and a good book to read. Some people will undoubtedly regard that as smug  but I say "Fuck 'em". I spent too many years dealing with the seamier side of life and human frailties so I feel I have earned my sanctuary. The above photo is one of many and twenty minutes work by myself and Mrs C. The Dragonfly flew away several times but returned and we were able to shoot several photographs. I am absolutely fascinated by wildlife and to catch a brief glimpse of such creatures really does make my day. We spent some time earlier today watching the fish in the river and chatting with others doing the same. The usual group ("school"!!) of anglers was out, young, old and middle-aged unemployed. I don't blame the latter: get to 50 years old with few qualifications and you are likely to find employment opportunities drop to nearly zero. In their position I'd opt for grow your own, home brewing, angling and getting to know the local tobacco / alcohol smugglers  as well as any scams going. Parliament appears to consist of legal and semi-legal scams and robbery so what's good for the goose...

I have vague plans for another trip to the land of the East Saxons next week and the delights of Colchester. Mrs C. has opted for remaining at home and I have also started looking at travelling abroad for the first time in twenty years. Ooh scary...


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

"how much my home is my sanctuary. I feel safe, secure and able to relax here at home."

Yes and for pretty much the same reasons. Enjoy it, you've more than earned it.

Could your trip down south be delayed a week? I'd love to meet up after all these years, but am away from tomorrow for a week.

9:57 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Hi BW. My trip will be delayed because our boiler has gone kaput. Engineer booked in. It's also my Mother's birthday the following week so I'll probably be going then. have you been casting spells?

2:33 pm  

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