Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Battle of the bulge...

It's been a busy couple of days as I have been sorting out finances and taking stock of what's required around the house. I have decided I don't need a campervan and to stick with my little Suzuki. A tent and other paraphernalia can be shoved in the boot and I can rough it on campsites as and when I go off on trips. I've booked the motor in for a full service and some much needed repairs to the suspension and brakes. I also intend to fit new speakers as the old ones aren't very good. My rationale is that any future commuting to work will be local and the car will be able to cope with that. My plans for a bicycle for local commuting is also on hold as I cannot ride a bike with an inguinal hernia. I'll be on a waiting list for surgery and how long that will take is an unknown (How long's a piece of string!) during these days of rapid change to the NHS.

 I also bought a new laptop and Mrs C has the PC all to herself now. She's a very happy bunny as I grapple with the arcane Windows 8 system... It is bewildering at this moment but I'll get there eventually. It's odd but I feel as though I am on holiday and I have to remind myself that at this moment in time I am retired and not employed in a paid job. It's just a shame the weather doesn't match the holiday feeling. All in all a novel situation to be in and walking around town over the past few days has been an eye opener. Lots of elderly people, students, mothers and kids and unemployed plus the regular local alcoholics and homeless. Having been out at work all day I haven't been aware of this at all. The town centre is busy with people especially when the sun does come out. The dog loves it because she has me at home or is out for walks with me. She's actually losing weight now I have the time to walk her more regularly. I'll also be sorting out stuff to go to local charity shops or to the tip. My step daughter sold a lot of stuff at a local car boot sale so I may also consider that option. Until I am back in regular employment in the autumn I may have to learn about earning money from all of the possible options open to me. If I do car boot I must remember the mantra: don't buy more than I sell!


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