Thursday, July 04, 2013


Oops... rather too much cider last night as I realised I could drink on a night when school rules previously applied. Tea and a English breakfast provided the cure this morning.

I had to fit some legs to a new "Tub chair" yesterday evening and I discovered I did not have a single screwdriver fit for purpose in the house. Cue much bad language, sore and raw hands plus a couple of abrasions. I dug through a cupboard and found an old power screwdriver. It didn't work and so an hour to complete a job which should have taken fifteen minutes. Chinese made furniture isn't the best but it was cheap and does the job. Having looked around the house there is a lot that requires attention. The bathroom is top of the list because we still have a leak and it all needs to be replaced. So bathrooms to be explored, pondered over and choices made. I suspect Mrs C will have the final say as my view is if it works and doesn't leak it'll do for me. I might have got rid of one headache but I guess this'll cause me a new one as we trail around the various shops.


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