Sunday, June 02, 2013

It's flaming*June!

An early start with a long dog walk, gardening and bicycle repairs plus a bike ride all before the heat and hay fever claimed me. Having fixed the bike and tried it out I came to the conclusion that it is too small for me, the gears are knackered and I just do not like rear suspension on a bike. It's my son's old bike which he received for free from a mate. I left it out with a "Free bike to go" note attached and a woman with a young girl removed it within ten minutes. The girl was beaming ear to ear having received a delightful surprise. It left me with a warm glow and I can look towards buying myself a suitable hybrid bike next month. Having lost a lot of weight I am now ready and keen to return to cycling. The earlier jaunt out made me realise what I am missing and the attraction of enjoying the world at a more sedate pace.
 Friday at work saw me travelling at great speed around and about the county until it came to my returning home. 26 degrees celsius outside, several miles of barely moving traffic and I sat in my car covered in mud and pig shite from an assessment that had taken all day to complete. I made the acquaintance of an excitable springer spaniel on the farm who had taken a shine to me. The ward staff when I had finally admitted the individual concerned thought I had been attacked! Needless to say once I arrived home, clothes into the wash and me into the shower. The mutt must have thought I was cheating on her with a male spaniel...
Hence my desire to opt for a more sedate and eco-friendly mode of transport as I admire the scenery. The car has been febrised and tidied up and the aroma of wet dog, pig shite and dishevelled middle aged male has  now gone.

The above photos were taken with the camera as I attempt to get to grips with it preparatory to using it on trips out later this summer. The graffiti wall is on a piece of waste ground which has been awaiting development for the past several years. It is safe to say it may well remain unchanged for the next several years. I would love to see a park and wildlife area arise from it although it is currently fulfilling that role already. Local skateboarders, dog walkers, kids, alkies and shoplifters all use it and foxes, rabbits, etc... inhabit it. Maybe I will help it along and scatter tobacco and wild flower seeds around as I walk the pooch there. Hard to believe this neglected area is in the centre of town...


*May contain exaggeration.


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