Friday, June 28, 2013

That's it then... the day finally arrived and I have retired from my job. Plants, wine and various other things crammed into the boot of my car. Laptop, mobile, etc... handed over and the paperwork signed before receiving a big hug from my boss and a couple of colleagues. I walked out of the office for the last time and headed for home. It doesn't feel any different although as Mrs C pointed out I don't officially retire until Monday and it may be a week or so before it sinks in. I have already had a couple of offers of work: some lecturing and presentations but I will not be accepting that offer because my plans for the next two months consists of much needed R & R. The other one is more intriguing and I have to give it some thought. I have been asked to contribute a couple of chapters to a book on mental capacity / best interests for students. That sounds very interesting and may tie in with future plans regarding studying towards an MA. I'll give it some thought and talk further with a friend of mine who's also been asked to contribute. I have the time and she has the brains for such a project!

Plans for the next few weeks include a new bathroom, a clear out of some unnecessary clutter, some DIY* jobs which require my attention around the house and trips out to see the family & friends. Mrs C undoubtedly has plans for me although she agrees with my longer term plans to return to part time working. Keeps me out of her hair! Todays plans consist of feet up, a good book (yes... it's raining again!) and a pot of freshly ground & brewed coffee. Despite it being my first day of retirement I was awakened early by the cats so shopping done, dog walked, chores attended to so time to relax.

* Hiring a competent workman... my DIY skills are negligible.


Anonymous Scoakat said...

Congratulations, you made it! Try to enjoy some r&r, I have a feeling you're days will get filled up again rather quickly. Cheers!

10:17 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thanks Scoakat. I believe my days will be suitably filled by my other half. She's already made a few suggestions with the first one 'So when are you getting another job?'
She doesn't want me getting under her feet!

4:45 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Congratulations and well done! I know you won't regret it.

Welcome to the world of the ex-mental health/education workers.

If you take the writing route and need a proof reader, I'd be more than happy to assist.

3:13 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thanks BW. It's charting for unknown territories and avoiding the dragons!

9:12 am  

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