Friday, June 07, 2013

Counting down to the end of another busy working week but my phone remains on until I've dealt with an expected call from another AMHP. Today has been a work from home day with  paperwork for assorted cases to complete with i's dotted and t's crossed. The legal beagles will pester me otherwise. So today has been steady but relaxed despite having started at 8a.m. Home brewed coffee, nip out to water the garden, BBC Radio 3 playing in the background although muted during phone conversations & a chance to fuss over the various critters. All very civilized and a welcome break from the every day hustle & bustle of work.
I discovered that a couple of colleagues from other teams whom I have had recourse to work with are real ale afficianados so I have suggested a night out for a few beers when I retire. I haven't been in a pub for well over a year and work / driving means I am unlikely to pop into any of the pubs I espy on my travels. I did take the opportunity for a late lunch  on one day and visit a small village church that is open to the public. A welcome brief moment of peace and meditation so as to recharge my batteries. The thought that this church has stood there for a thousand years with successive generations attending it throughout that time gives one pause for thought in this increasingly fractured and frenetic world.
Call coming through...


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

"pause for thought in this increasingly fractured and frenetic world."

I was only saying to someone earlier that life should be easier these days, but it's not, for most people.

6:45 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Very true BW. It does seem to be getting more difficult for the majority of people. In my line of work I come across people who do lead very quiet simple lives but they tend to be in their eighties. Meanwhile, we are having to teach younger people how to meditate & lead simpler lives. I sometimes wonder what progress really means and who benefits. Medicine & labour saving devices, yes... most certainly. But much of the other extraneous noise, aural and otherwise...?

7:57 pm  

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