Sunday, May 12, 2013

I thoroughly enjoy Sundays and today is no exception. From the early morning walk with the pooch, a leisurely breakfast and some gardening if the weather permits. I can then catch up on the weeks TV / radio I have missed. These are usually history / archaeology programmes plus anything else of interest such as the programme about the A303 I watched today. The latter has given me further ideas about camper van excursions to the southwest of England. I have to admit to being fascinated by enthusiasts hence I love these sort of programmes and the insights they give into ourselves and people in general. Mind you the following does immediately come to mind...

We have all encountered enthusiasts and it was one of these such folk that put me off attending Camra meetings many years ago. He suffered from Upminster syndrome, that is he presented as several stages beyond Barking and his enthusiasm, to my much younger eyes, veered towards the unhinged. However, back to leisurely Sundays...
Having had to work Sundays during my nursing career and particularly the hated Sunday late shifts, I have grown to appreciate my Sundays off. No gardening today as the rain is here and I have no inclination to drive anywhere or the money to go to exciting places. Hence, bad weather = catch up Sunday. Having said that, the sunshine would see me sitting in the garden with a cold drink and a good book as I listened to the drone of bees, lawn mowers, children playing and the scent of barbecued meats drifting over the fence with laughter and conversations. The important thing is that the day remains leisurely. Up until I was seventeen years old I attended church and Sunday school until I acted on my belief that it was bullshit and stopped going. Although I remain fascinated with the history, architecture, rituals and personalities involved with various churches I certainly wouldn't attend something I have no belief in. After retirement the question that pops up will be: Will every day feel like a Sunday? I may no longer enjoy the uniqueness of the day although hopefully with other days given over to work and other activities I can still get to enjoy leisurely Sundays. It makes me wonder, how do you spend your Sundays?


Blogger Scoakat said...

In fall/early winter my Sundays are usually all about American football, specifically the Green Bay Packers. Other times of the year it is usually a day of rest for me, but every Sunday in summertime can be different.

Today I am stuck at home. My wife has taken my car with her mom and sister for a Mother's Day outing, and having done the relevant yard work yesterday I am relaxing with a bit of whiskey and a baseball game this afternoon. Sometimes you just have to enjoy it while you can.☺

Thanks for asking, Del. Cheers!

8:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Sundays are usually pottering about in the garden/greenhouse if weather permits. Otherwise it's probably perched in front of the TV catching up on the weeks comedies or films.

If feeling particularly extravagant, might venture to a garden centre or car boot sale, but funds usually dictate otherwise!

Seany :o)

9:03 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Rail enthusiasts, yes, saw lots of those last Sunday. Upminster Syndrome, definitely.

Once retired, Sundays are the days you least want to go out, if you're wanting to avoid crowds. Now that Mr BW is only working Monday to Wednesday, I often find it hard to remember which day of the week it is. And I get a lot less done.

11:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheers folks. Sunday does appear to be the day of rest. Anticipating the return to work the following morning does seem to add a melancholy note to Sunday evenings.

8:14 pm  

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