Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just remember...

Occasionally it helps to remember where we stand as individuals in the greater scheme of things. It was Scoakats post about the size of the universe that prompted this post. I have spent a day tidying up and clearing up rubbish ready for a trip to the local tip. Stuff that seemed very important and put away until required is rapidly gaining the status of not being that important after all. Just as I put books, clothes and various things in the charity shop pile as surplus to requirement the thought struck me that the same happens to people. I have spent enough time working on wards or in care homes to realise the reality of that for some people. This also tied in with the death of my Uncle who as the oldest in the family provided that link to people who are now forgotten or are names on documents or engraved in stone. Perhaps I now have too much time to sit and think but friends and family are important. I have spent a lot of my life travelling through with the belief that once one has moved on that is it and I have little contact with many of those people. Too late I realised it is a dreadful philosophy to have and an ultimately self defeating one. So although we are small in whatever the scheme of things this life is it is made infinitely better by good friends, by kindnesses to others and by maintaining social networks. Perhaps that is one of the lessons of life as well as not being afraid to dive into life and if we make mistakes... so what. It's life because there is nothing sadder than seeing friends or family afraid to dive in and make new relationships because of the fear of being hurt again. Phew... some synapses sparked into life there and brought this post into being.
The spring clean required a new vacuum cleaner, one strong enough to remove pet hairs as the old one has been defeated by the task over the last two years. Good grief is all I can say... mucky, mucky carpets although they are now much cleaner. Despite grooming the mutt twice a week she still sheds loads of hair. It was also time for worming the little blighters which resulted in the dog vomiting all over the stairs at 4 a.m. Mrs C was not happy and the poor pooch looked woebegone when I eventually surfaced. Poor old beastie, she'll get the best of care now she's in the twilight of her years. I'll return to my cider and reading the kindle whilst there is time to do so. Mrs C has plans for DIY next week involving tiles, paint and other assorted things foreign to my nature.


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