Sunday, July 07, 2013

Phew... what a scorcher!

A short break from the garden during the hottest time of the day as I sip a well earned coffee and enjoy a naughty Toblerone (did I mention my Toblerone addiction?) indoors. It is absolutely wonderful out there with the temperature at 23 degrees Celsius and not a cloud in the sky. The pooch was walked very early whilst it was still cool and already the anglers were out on the river. Shopping completed for a disposable barbecue and sausages, steaks and burgers. Everything done and I enjoyed the next few hours out in the garden, reading or chatting with Mrs C and the neighbours. My first week of retirement completed and just delightful so far.
I received bad news about my Uncle who died on Thursday back in Ireland. He was 86 years old so he had a great innings but ill health finally claimed him. He was a bus driver many years ago in London as well as returning home to Ireland to farm. He was also a great accordion player and a lovely man. Bless him, he finally joins his wife nearly thirty years after she died. That leaves my Dad and one other Uncle on my paternal side of the family from that generation. After a long chat with one of my cousins yesterday I decided I will be going over to Ireland at the end of the summer to see them all.
I also received news about a colleague of mine who has been diagnosed with cancer. I guess it is one of the inevitabilities of ageing, that we hear about the ill health and deaths of people of our parents generation and our own generation. It certainly reinforces my belief that I have chosen the right path in opting for early retirement and a quieter, more balanced lifestyle. I had a shufti at Open University courses and I was shocked at how much they cost now following the governments changes. From a reasonable several hundred pounds they have shot up to £2,500- per course. I will give some serious consideration to whether I do go for one final course to complete my degree, particularly since I have completed more than a third of a Masters degree. However, the latter is in social care and I intend to study further towards local and social history. I'll be returning to part time work later this year so I can afford to study as well as having the time to do it. C'est la vie and it will keep me off the streets and out of Mrs C's hair.

As for the work out back, it is coming on at a fair pace...

The buildings and rubbish all cleared away and over the past week the foundation piles have been going in. A somewhat repetitive thumping plus Radio 1 has not made for peaceful afternoons. I can live with the pile driving but not with the shite music being played. It is fascinating watching the progress made and I am intrigued as to the size and shape of the new buildings going up.


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