Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hoorah! We have hot water on tap... stampedes for the shower... joins the queue...

The engineer arrived on time and one new circuit board later the boiler is working again. Cold showers are character building but after a few days the novelty has definitely worn off.

That was written a few hours ago as the hot shower had to come first... bliss. The bathroom may have been a tad steamy and much soap was expended. Mrs C is fascinated by my love of scented soaps. I found a counter in T K Maxx where lots of different, mainly Italian and English soaps are sold. My behaviour in shops always attracts the attentions of the store detective and sniffing various soaps and reading the labels certainly did so the last time I popped in there. I'm not sure if it's an autistic trait or OCD but I tend to buy several of the same brand hence the stack of lavender and lemon scented soaps in the cupboard alongside the coal tar soap. The latter no longer has any coal tar in it although the scent is very similar and reminds me of childhood. I was a little bugger for mud, dirt and getting into scrapes which required frequent recourse to soap and water.

With hindsight, three families in one house sharing the one bathroom at the top of the house meant my mother was always kept busy. The other families were from Ghana and Nigeria although at times we also had Hungarians, another Irish family and several hippies during the late sixties / early seventies. It made for a busy and lively household in what was a busy multi-ethnic neighbourhood, predominately Irish, Greek and Turkish Cypriot, West Indian and various African families. Growing up I thought that was normal and I didn't realise until much later that it wasn't the usual state of affairs although the exodus of white English families including the loss of a couple of friends as they moved away hadn't impacted upon my innocence at a young age.
However, I now smell sweet and suitably floral as well as feeling clean and fresh.

Time to put my feet up, telly and a glass of whisky after a few days sobriety.


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