Saturday, July 07, 2012

They follow me around & the cats have tried to follow us out the front door when I take the pooch out for her walk.

I have completed the first week full time in my 'new' job and my head was spinning by Friday evening. Seven assessments and two are not yet completed which will see me hard at work early Monday morning. The good thing about that is that I can occasionally do paperwork from home. Lots of driving and the weather has been atrocious during this past week. Roads flooded and closed off, wipers going like Billy-oh and having to detour whilst studying the map. I should buy a sat-nav but I prefer to route plan and use maps. I guess if I bought a decent mobile I could google map my way around. I prefer my current mobile which looks modern to my eyes despite my son saying it's an old sad Dad phone. It suits me, it's small (Motorola Razor) and I pay as I go. I have enough contracts with various utilities and other robbing bastards so I really do not want another contract. I may have to bite the bullet one day but I'll hang on to my mobile for now.

The past week has seen very early starts and late finishes to talk with carers and relatives as well as meet deadlines. Hence 10 - 11 hour days with a lot of driving has led to very early nights for me. I knew this would happen and I'll work with it for the next year or so. Well, until the Trust managers cast their beady eyes around for the next tranche of redundancies. I am expensive and although we bring in 'business' for the trust the option of a short term gain on the balance sheet may be worth the expense of getting rid of me. One of my colleagues has announced her intention to quit and go into teaching because of her unhappiness with the current state of affairs. If it's bad for nurses it is worse for her and other social workers. I was surprised by her announcement although by her leaving I may be safe from the chop although I am hoping she chooses to remain with us. The next three weeks will be very busy and I am looking forward to several days off at the end of the month. A quick trip down to the land of the East Saxons but otherwise I have redecorating to look forward to. I must away as Mrs C wants to clear out the spare room which became to deposit for all sorts of "useful stuff" which we are ruthlessly throwing out or donating to charity shops. I have already cleared out a lot of books and the next lot beckons to me.


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