Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The olympic torch will be down our street tomorrow and the street cleaners have been out in force to titivate the place up with various road crews filling in potholes over the past week. If I want to catch a glimpse or photograph the torch I will have to be up and in position by 6 a.m.... on my day off... we'll see.

I start my new full time post next week so I guess my boss is keen to get rid of me! With the more experienced staff leaving for pastures new, retirement or otherwise, the managers can  reconfigure (destroy) the crisis team into something which no longer reflects a model that works. It doesn't bode well when the common rationale underlying these changes is to save money. C'est la vie... I am still trying to get my head around the A & E department / medical wards requesting assessments but wanting us to pay to park there. My suggestion that they wheel the individual out to the main gate and we'll assess did not go down well. Nor my suggestion that they buy the ticket and stick it on the pool car when we arrive. I wonder if they are charging the consultants for this privilege?  I will have to enquire about that. Otherwise it has been an extremely busy time with a shed load of assessments and don't forget: one hour face to face assessment = two hours & more 'paperwork'. It is all on-line now and we can only do this from the crisis team office. Laptops, tablets and smartphones for managers only, not for frontline staff. Although social workers have been given laptops & mobile printers to do the financial assessments/ budgets on. So my umpteen assessments on Saturday saw me squeezing ten hours worth of paperwork into five hours on Sunday afternoon after further home visits / treatment. However, it's my last week in the crisis team after nearly eight years and for the other job I do have an elderly laptop so I can't really complain except on behalf of my colleagues whom I am leaving behind.



Anonymous Scoakat said...

Best of luck in your new position, and great job making it through all that training! I hope you enjoy it more, you've earned it.

10:38 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Cheers Scoakat. I am now all educated out. Kindle & trashy novels for the rest of the year.

12:04 pm  

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