Friday, June 22, 2012

The Jimmy Carr wreck has moved on after he apologised for legally reducing his tax payments and the righteous have others in their holier than thou sights. I am not a fan of Carr and I couldn't give a monkeys about his tax affairs as it is his business although his hypocrisy certainly smells off. Given the incompetence of HMRC and the sweetheart deals made with big companies over the years perhaps the govt. could focus upon that as well as the conniving legal thievery of MP's, ministers and others in the corridors of power both here and in the eu. I have a sense of "end of times" for the West when I look at the news, possibly recognisable to a citizen of the Roman Empire circa 410 A.D. if they had the chance to pop by and look in. I have blogged about this before, that the world is changing and the clueless and gormless are still attempting to run things although 'things' appear to be running away from them. What's the answer? I have no idea although the play pretend politics could stop and politician could get together, of whatever opinion and thrash out a way to start clearing up this mess. Sadly, it ain't going to happen and I can forsee thing getting worse.

Enough of my playing at Cassandra and onto some good news. I have been offered the full time post and I have accepted it. What swung it is that I will continue to have a lot of face to face clinical work and I can hopefully make a difference in the job. I have to work my 'notice' in the crisis job until I transfer over and hopefully it won't be dragged out over several weeks. I also realised that although I may be stepping from the frying pan and into the fire it does make my work life balance much easier to manage (no more weekends and on calls). As it is, I am working and on call over this weekend so I'm away to enjoy the rest of today.


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