Friday, June 29, 2012

                                            'It's a ladder and it leads to the stars'

I finished my last day in the crisis team yesterday and said my goodbyes to my colleagues of the past several years. Cake and coffees were dutifully taken and we reminisced over some of the amusing and not so amusing incidents we as a team encountered in everything that is mental health crisis. It was quite sad because having been through thick and thin together good relationships are forged and in leaving I have broken some of those bonds. I'll remain in touch with good friends but it feels like an era is over. On Monday I start on pastures not so new but this time I will be working full time in the role. The last few years of hard work and studying have finally paid off.

This weekend off will see me recharging my batteries and hopefully I can at last use my camera for something more than the garden and the animals. I want to avoid any driving so I guess I will stick to photographing the sunlit environs of Grimsby.

 The roses are blooming as is the multitude of poppies with last years seeds inadvertently scattered hither and thither.

The wild flowers are beginning to make an appearance although we desperately need some sunshine for the tomatoes, peppers, etc.. Two days of monsoon type rain in this drought year of 2012 caused extensive flooding throughout the north. One of our drains was temporarily blocked (leaves) and the alley way flooded with the cats having to swim for dry land. I cleared it but I was thoroughly soaked during my endeavours. The mutt excitedly raced around collecting her various toys for this new fun game whilst I cleared the drain. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a sunnier July but I certainly won't be placing any bets on it.


Anonymous Scoakat said...

I wish I could trade you some of our 'sunny, hot and dry' for some of your 'overcast and wet.' My lawn is going brown and our tomatoes (and almost everything else) are wilty and need watering every evening.

10:33 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

If only we could swap a couple of days of weather.

3:28 pm  
Anonymous Scoakat said...

Hey, Delcatto, I've been having trouble with your comments on your blog. After I post one I can't even see a comments tab at all. I would have said something sooner, but after your last post I thought it may be an anomoly, then after I posted the comment above, almost a week ago, whenever I came back to see if you replied I still never saw any 'comments' button to hit so I couldn't tell you of this until finally I saw I was able to tonight. Even after backing out of it to recheck myself now I had to close and reopen to get the tab where I could comment.

Sorry, not a complaint, just an issue that I thought you should be aware of. I've imbibed a bit tonight, but like i said, this goes back a bit over the last couple of posts, I just couldn't get a hold of you to let you know (Hey, email me at my address on my site, I'd love to talk one on one once or twice!)

All my best,

2:42 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Hi Scoakat,
There is a problem with this new format & I've had problems accessing my own blog & commenting. I am considering looking at a new blog format because of these problems, it's putting me off blogging! Emailing sounds like a good idea.

12:51 pm  

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