Friday, June 01, 2012

Gratuitous picture of a lovely pooch.

Another week, another dollar and a new month to boot.
Tired and with the cider open I intend to get emotional...Eye thenk yew! I have a week off to look forward to although it does contain the bulk of my writing up the portfolio. My cunning plan is to do that over the next four days and then enjoy a few days off.
So, I hear no one ask... how's it been?
It has been an education, a pain, a roller coaster with scary loops,  long up hill hauls and precipitous drops without the appropriate fairground ( Carney) music. I have enjoyed it but I really cannot wait until it is over. I have learnt a hell of a lot and with one years worth of studying (it is a post grad certificate) crammed into four months including the placement it has been a hell of a ride. I am exhausted... there have been nights when I cried because the stress of making such difficult decisions and taking someone's freedom away has been awful. It may well be in that person's best interests but it is still an awful decision to make. Someone dancing to music, drinking tea, writing a letter or making love when I was nobbut a twinkle in my daddy's eye and they met me for the first time as I make a decision to put them into hospital against their will. I don't want any sympathy by the way... save your empathy for the people whom I have to assess because I chose this path and I bear responsibility for my actions. I feel my soul has aged and I am different, marked and set upon another path. I am not sure I like it... I guess I will add extra layers to my already battle scarred psychiatric carapace and carry on.
The Jubilee is upon us and the usual war of words betwixt and between the Royalists and Republicans has been gathering pace and heat. I nod towards the republican sympathies and believe Lizzy 2nd should be the last incumbent of the throne. However, I do like pomp, sparkles and celebrations so I will cast an eye over the event and enjoy parts of it. I am lookin forward to the flotilla and the music but I shan't be flying any flags. One grandfather in the IRA, another interned by the British   government plus a great grandfather who left Ireland during the famine and became a naturalised US citizen in 1867 (Hartford, Connecticut) does not help to warm me towards royalists. Once Betty has gone, let's be done with it and retire the others to quiet and obscure citizenship.


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