Sunday, June 17, 2012

                                                          Time for play!

At last... finished.
Friday was my final day on placement and I am back to normal working practice this coming week. Sadly, it includes the weekend and from what I gather the past few weeks have been very busy. I was hoping to book a week off but the earliest I could book off  is August. Having completed all the academic stuff and spent most of this last week assessing people in various police custody suites it will feel strange to get back to the familiar routine. A changed crisis team with some new members with only three of us original founder members left. It would be nice to see out the next few years in the same team but I may have an opportunity for a move to full time working in the other team I work in and this training prepares me for that. The boss has asked me in to discuss the offer with him. More money, no weekends or on calls as it is primarily 9 -5, Mon-Friday although mental health act assessments can run several hours over. However, I like crisis work and when I signed up as a nurse umpteen years ago it was a given that we worked unsocial hours. I also like the team and my colleagues and the challenges of crisis work. I have found my niche and some of us older experienced staff need to stay around. But we aren't appreciated and I have seen several older experienced (thus more expensive) staff go over this past year just so the Trust can meet its financial reductions target. Given the dismantlement of the NHS and the bleak economic wasteland that awaits us all I can imagine that services will get busier with fewer resources available. Those resources are likely to be private or quasi-private in nature irrespective of whoever wins the next election. Hence I need to consider how I wish to spend the twilight of my career in the NHS over the next several years. I don't know who I am kidding because even after retirement I will have to continue working.

No.1 son continues to look for work with no success although another possible apprenticeship has been advertised. He'll go back to college to study I.T and I will support him through that because there is bugger all else around here. What a mess and the politicians of all parties haven't a fucking clue. I fear a rant coming on so I shall stop there. I am suitably relaxed after a home gym session this morning and I have got access to a bicycle again. It's No.1's old bike and the brakes and gears aren't very good but it's ok for local rides until I replace the brake pads. The derailleur will need some professional work done on it because of the prevous owner's abuse of it which is probably why he gave it to No.1 son. But riding it left me like a pig in the proverbial... smiling. Time for a coffee and some Joe Bonnamassa...



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Well done for getting through the course. And it gives you another choice.

Hope whatever decision about your future role you make gives you what you are seeking.

12:48 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you BW.
What I am seeking in life may require some difficult decisions in the next year but work is the easiest decision to make.

4:07 pm  

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