Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Wahey! Catch me some rays...

Today it is positively balmy with the temperature at 1 degree celsius. I am happy to see it having spent nearly six hours driving yesterday in fog and on ice. I also slipped on some ice walking from the local shops and having my fall broken by a small wall... ouch! So I have spent today safely indoors and ordering presents via the internet and relaxing. Yesterday's trek was compounded by a difficult meeting with a variety of various professionals who were upset by decisions made by myself and a colleague. Without going into the case itself we have upset some egos and challenged the status quo. A variety of people came along for the, as one person expressed it, bunfight. What made it a more 'interesting' meeting is our awareness of senior managers copied in to the various communications and taking a keen interest in the whole proceedings. This has been going on for the past week and it is likely to last a further few weeks. Bloody Chinese proverbs...

Given one of my work roles I have taken a keen interest in this. I have signed the petition although I do wonder whether we have been given all the facts of the story. Notwithstanding that, I have signed the petition because the more publicity the case receives, the more likely it is that questions will be asked and the case sorted out. Especially since it is usually in the best interests of people to go home. I am aware of state bureaucracy's ability to screw things up beyond all imagining and forget about the people at the centre of their cock ups. But I would love to know the reasons given for the deprivation of liberty and hopefully we may hear more. I do worry that commonsense and humanity seem to be seriously lacking amongst some of those who work in the caring professions.


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