Friday, December 03, 2010

You could not make it up....

"Police please... someone's stolen my snowman!" Link

With temperatures overnight varying between -20 & -10 celsius the big freeze continues. The current temperature is -7 although I have spent the past hour digging my car out and getting it ready for work tomorrow. The main roads are passable although the side roads are still bad which could make work interesting, especially in the Wolds. Shovel, blanket, wind-up radio & torch plus a hot flask of tea will be put in the boot first thing tomorrow. I'm looking forward to work if only to see what comes up over the next few days. Perhaps a woman in crisis having had her snowman pinched. I also popped into the local pub last night, the first time in eight months. The Everards Tiger was ok although lacking a bit in flavour. But we had a good laugh and it was lovely to catch up with a few people I haven't seen for ages. Someone made a suggestion about having a DJ in one night and people bring their old vinyl singles in to play. An interesting proposition and we'll see where that goes. I'll dust off my old Elvis and Boney M singles! But it was good to pop in again and I will try to pop in more often. Time for more hot chocolate (So you win again) and ginger biscuits.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

I'll have some of whatever she's on...

2:52 pm  
Blogger Suzanne Jones said...

I haven't been able to face digging out my car yet - will have to get up early tomorrow. :-( Fed up of snow.

Keep warm and take care.


10:10 pm  

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