Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The following is hopefully a longer answer to Bill's query in yesterday's comments regarding 'sectioning'. Crisis and other teams have to request a MH Act assessment and it is only considered if really required. It is never taken lightly although there are lots of myths about the process.


The above blog makes for interesting reading and will hopefully answer
any questions about AMHP's and the process of assessing people
under the mental health act. I have accompanied AMHP's on their
assessments and every possible avenue is explored with the individual
and family to avoid sectioning unless truly needed. Risk to self and
others as well as the obvious: are they suffering a mental illness?
Oddly enough there are people very keen to be admitted into hospital even to the extent of wanting to be sectioned! We spot most of them but even with genuine referrals we prefer to work with people at home. The majority of our patients have little chance of being sectioned and long may that continue.


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