Saturday, November 27, 2010

A quiet evening with an excellent Malt Whiskey, radio on t'internet and surfing the web. I've left the TV and various reality shows to Mrs C. The malt is a Laphroaig Quarter Cask which at 48% is treated with respect... nectar indeed. It is much needed after a lousy week. It started with a bout of food poisoning which finally ended after four days and has ended with me 'putting my back out'. Medical terminology for 'Ow! That hurts'.So the malt was fetched from the cupboard and e'en now it is warming the cockles of my heart. I suspect the lengthy car journeys at work in an uncomfortable car and with the usual light covering of snow causing traffic stupidity may have effected my back. But I am on my days off and can try to relax.
I am following the international and financial news avidly particularly with family in Ireland. Watching the EU slowly implode and wandering which way it will go (here's a good Link) as well as the politics in the USA and the worrying Korean situation. I find it interesting that in the office I can discuss this with one colleague whereas the others all look blank, tell me they are not interested or prefer to discuss X factor. The one colleague is the team secretary who is older than me and had lived in the States for many years. In the other team they are all labour supporters (and social workers) and view my politics with a lot of suspicion. I delight in pointing out that my working class son of migrants credentials should place me squarely in the midst of the labour luvvies party, whereas their middle-class background would be anathema to true labour politics. It does seem impossible for a lefty luvvie to understand that one can be right of centre without eating babies or forcing pensioners to freeze to death on the streets. I guess simple folks require simple slogans. Simple black & white slogans applied to life's various shades of grey always ends in tears. We are living in interesting times and although worrying, it is fascinating. Time for another whiskey and some more surfing. I am hopeful the combination of painkillers and whisky will alleviate the painor at the very least blur the sharp edges.


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