Thursday, November 18, 2010

My response to some royal event planned for next year.

Meanwhile in the real world as Ireland is bought lock, stock and barrel by the EU and other countries are greedily eyed up for the same treatment, the media is full of the above event and the usual TV bread & circuses reality programmes. Time to dust off my Gibbons 'Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire' to see the original blueprint for the collapse of western civilisation.

I have been provisionally accepted for the AMHP training next year so that is next spring and summer accounted for...hard work and studying. It will keep me in employment during these troubled times and will look good on my future C.V. when I look towards Canada in a few years time. Mind you, Mrs C. occasionally reminds me of 'that job' in Nunavut. I'll be out of her hair for three years, earning good money and she'll have free run of the house to decorate to her own tastes! We only have one life and the adventure does appeal but a land with no trees and endless dark winters needs serious consideration. But the adventure...Jack London and all that cold, crisp, clean, fresh wilderness. However, back to placing feet firmly on the ground and an acceptance that such dreams will have to wait at least another two years until my commitments are finally completed. Speaking of which I have the usual chores to attend to on my day off.


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