Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yesterday was a day I experienced that there global warming. I sweltered as I struggled through my hundred mile round trip in tropical temperatures of 0 to -2 degrees C. I managed to avoid hitting any palm trees (coconuts removed to protect visiting presidents) as my car slipped and skittered on sheet iced roads and barely saw the other vehicles through the heat haze of white snow. The journey over a variety of A roads over the Wolds was manageable until on my return, fifteen miles from home, I and other motorists met a police road block. They directed us down a particular road which had been mentioned on the local radio as "impassible due to sheet ice and two jack knifed lorries". Yep.... they had blocked the wrong road and sent us down the road where they should have set up the road block. My little car was easy to slip slide around its pirouette of a u turn and return to the original route. This took a while because of the number of artics, large trucks and cars all wanting to do the same. Sadly, the larger vehicles couldn't do this on the narrow road and traffic backed up for miles. Other roads had accidents and they too became blocked. Happily I escaped early but I felt sorry for those drivers who were stuck until 11 pm in freezing winter conditions. They had some choice diverse Anglo-Saxon language for those police officers! So today is a paperwork catchup day with heating on, various animals snuggled up to radiators and frequent stops for tea. I think Fiat make a little 4x4 which may be more appropriate for the warm, steamy tropical winters we now seem to encounter. With a pollen filter it may well stop the nasty second hand cigarette smoke which appears to be drifting across the steamy paddy fields of Lincolnshire and killing us all. One can't be too careful.
Back to tapping away at the grindstone.


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