Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back to the main pc after yesterdays foray using the ipod touch.
After a lengthy break from blogging resulting from enjoying a well deserved break, the first cold of the season and a busy return to work, I'm dipping my toes back into the water. No.1 son has been kept busy at work and he has discovered that hard earned money is too easily spent and budgeting has been learned the hard way. He's leasing an iphone hence I have the ipod touch and I still never fail to be amazed by it. These little machines and tablets should see the gradual demise of 'traditional' pc's although undoubtedly they too will evolve or be superceded by new technology.

Walking the pooch over the past two days and watching the various bits of work going on...several diggers within the same square mile doing different jobs. Digging trenches to keep the rioters out when the cuts begin to bite and the soma in the water supply runs out! One of the jobs removed and cleaned up an old builders yard where the local winos congregated. They weren't the problem but local "yoof" set fires there and often harrassed passersby. Nowhere to hide now although I will be keen to see what is done with all that land. Fenced off and left empty for several years is highly probable. I would prefer to see a wildlife park and as it is beside the river that would be ideal. Failing that, affordable housing to provide jobs and eventually accommodation in the centre of town. We shall see whether my cynicism is proved right.

Otherwise I have been catching up on the news and the outpourings of grief from various news media,not just the cuts but the Rooney media circus. Having a hearty dislike of Man U and having only watched the first half of the Spurs match yesterday (I know...I should have watched the second half for Bales' goals), I couldn't give a monkeys about Rooney. It's symptomatic of all that's wrong with football over the last ten years. I must away...things to do.

(Completed Thursday lunchtime).


Blogger Scoakat said...

Okay. I haven't wanted to say anything but, where the heck are you? Please don't quit!
I hope all is well!

Nov 5

7:11 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Hi Scoakat. All is well but work commitments over the past two weeks have demanded my undivided attention. I'll be back to blogging soon despite the increased workload.

10:53 pm  

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