Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Two feet plus of snow and it looks beautiful. Dog walking at 7 a.m. and lots of people walking into work as the roads are treacherous. The mutt loves the snow and returns to being a puppy, diving in and out of the drifts. Half an igloo built by local youths and kids out on their sleds. Mrs C. watched a Huskey in absolute heaven late last night as it raced up and down the road. I was due to attend a meeting in the south of the county this morning but with several roads blocked and traffic warnings out I will be working from home today. Both my colleagues are stuck as well and we all agreed that teleconferencing would be more useful for 'meeting up'. Something for the agenda at the next meeting and I'll use the 'global warming' excuse to propose it. If they are going to shove propaganda at us I may as well use their nonsense for my own ends! Otherwise we will stay in and keep warm. Mrs C. checked on our elderly neighbours and they are ok. Batten down the hatches and enjoy the seasonal weather.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Mr BW popped in to see if our 85 year old neighbour needed any shopping. "Grapes and bananas please, and that's a weight off my mind that I won't have to go out on my bike to get them!" he said.

2:51 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Snow wheels on the old 'Sit up and beg'!!

9:06 pm  

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