Monday, May 10, 2010

Not just all change nationally with Lib/Lab/Con playing at musical chairs but as I found out today we are also being moved around. Our boss is being moved to another team and we are to be amalgamated with one of the local teams. Hey ho and hop aboard the merry-go-round. I am once again under my old boss (only part time!) although as yet we don't know the practicalities. i.e. Do we stay where we are or are we crammed into the other teams offices? The latter is likely so as to save money. Our hours of operation are likely to be trimmed, possibly 8 til 8 and maybe even the on-calls will go with folks having to present at the main A&E departments (not minor injuries A&E) out of hours. As people leave they are not being replaced and the same will continue for the forseeable future. Best I train my dog up: One man and his dog may be what we are heading for. I guess we'll cover crisis work until we are fully amalgamated with case loads and all of the accompanying shit loads of paperwork to show we are doing the work. As I have blogged before: 1 hour of clinical work = 2 - 3 hours paperwork. In the team we are joining the paperwork can be doubled to 3 - 4 hours. I will embrace 'cut & paste' with the latest terminology and catch phrases to impress our new boss when he checks the paperwork and allow me more time to do my actual job. Is 'Bollox' a happenin' term these days or is 'I should fuckin' cocoa' the cutting edge? Never mind, we are but pawns although perhaps there is a way of no longer playing their game...


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Dire. I feel for you. I know how much I hate paperwork, and I do the absolute minimum required to cover my back, as I work for myself.

Is it, as ever, that mental health is the soft option for the hardest cuts?

And remember, when your colleagues start on about the new governmint having caused this, remember to remind them that it started while Goldfish was still flapping!

6:42 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

I'll remind them that they voted for baboons wearing red roses and promising ambrosia drunk at pavement cafes on streets paved with gold. Mind you, I am as bad as I voted Lib Dem in a Labour stronghold.
Mental health is generally the cinderella of the NHS...

11:35 pm  

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