Friday, October 04, 2013

Having had a brief absence from blogging and dealing with real life stuff I now have time to blog. The picture above shows the last flowering of our summer roses. A unexpected bonus because I'd believed that was it. The mild weather has encouraged this late flowering and I am still picking tomatoes and chillies by the bowlful. LE is up for the weekend from London for a wedding and she has agreed to bring the home grown fruits back to her friends there. The windfall with tomatoes, chillies, apples and blackberries from the neighbours has been excellent this year. Hopefully we will have similar summers in the future. The adherents of AGW continue to tell horror stories as they manipulate the data to perpetuate their demands for increased green taxes when the evidence appears to show a period of global cooling is coming our way. We may be in for a very cold winter although as far as climate change is concerned I'll try to keep an open mind and attempt to comprehend the evidence. The plants aren't the only things enjoying the mild weather...

We have acquired a fourth cat and the feline power balance has been upskittled within our household. LE couldn't take her cat Louis with her and we have offered him a home. A week on and he is now wandering the house and exploring. He's an extremely large black cat and a big softy. He gets on well with the mutt although she was initially freaked out by a strange cat in the house. Some eye balling and stand-offs with the other cats including lots of howling but no fisticuffs... yet. The past week included my helping LE to move stuff, several trips to the dump to get rid of rubbish and applying for a couple of part time jobs. I haven't had any replies to the latter but I am keeping an eye out for any suitable work locally. Preferably part time, local, with little responsibility and when I finish work I leave it behind me as I walk out of the door. I haven't applied for any nursing jobs because that will be my last resort if nothing else pops up.
I also celebrated my birthday last week and after requests from various family and friends my suggestion that kindle vouchers would be welcomed, I have a shed load of virtual books to read as well as a couple of real books that weren't available on kindle. At the age of 53 years I find my needs are generally met and with the winter coming a good book, an excellent malt whisky and feet up by the fire suits me fine. A delightful  Ardmore whisky has been added to the store for the months ahead. I also realised that my passport needs renewing after I had looked at some short trips over to Europe I am considering next year. That's ten years since the last one and boy have those years gone quickly. Anyhow, No.1 is off to Newcastle again for the weekend and this will be his third trip within the last five weeks. He'll be the next to fly the nest... c'est la vie.


Blogger Scoakat said...

Happy Birthday, Delcatto!

I hope you had some fun, or will this weekend. I'll raise a glass for you tonight!

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