Saturday, January 26, 2013

Some days off to use up my annual leave and it has coincided with the snow melting off... well most of it. This has been a long, dark and drawn out month with the brightness and glitter of Christmas a distant memory. No.1 son has been working hard over the past four weeks and his pay day is tomorrow, hence his excitement. He plans to go out with some friends to play snooker and thence to a pub or two. My cars MOT is due tomorrow and knowing that the brakes need a thorough overhaul I suspect my Saturday night will be a quiet one in.
I shelved this post initially but I have decided to continue and update it today. The car failed the MOT and more expense for brakes, wheel bearings again, etc... So a quiet Saturday night in is de riguer and possibly will be for the month ahead. C'est la vie. I'll just have to tighten my belt again and use it as an excuse to brew more beer, purely for reasons of economy of course. My last lot is all but consumed and the longer I left it the tastier it became. My next batch will be a stout which I haven't brewed before.  This article is the latest mainstream media to spread the good word about home brewing although I agree with some of the comments that £1.00 a pint is too high and 50-60p is the usual price per pint for home brew. I also bought in the latest batch of seeds as I anticipate the lengthening and brighter days with spring in the not too distant future. Chillies, cucumbers and tomato seeds purchased and I priced up some decent compost in which to plant them. So some things to look forward to and take my mind off the car repair bill, the anticipated 4 pence rise in petrol, the inevitable mileage at work and long days at work. However, for the latter I do have a cunning plan, more cunning than a fox with a PhD in craftiness.
 No 1 son has bought himself a bike helmet, gloves and priced up a moped at the shop where one of his friends work. He intends to pass his basic bike test and buy a "'ped" to increase his independence and stop relying upon a non-existent bus service. He has his eye on the future for a more powerful bike. I'm ok with it having been a biker in my youth but Mrs C. is not very happy with this. He'll be twenty in March and he is a generally sensible adult, certainly more sensible than I was at that age. He's off out playing snooker and his old man is on the net, drinking cider and listening to country and rock music on spotify. Life in the middle-aged lane! It is time to refresh my glass, refresh the music and to dip back into my kindle. I hope wherever you are you are enjoying your Saturday night.


Blogger Scoakat said...

Sorry to hear about the car repairs, you do seem to put in an awful lot of miles. I hope your son has enough fun for the both of us as I will be staying in alone tonight as I try to recover from this nasty cold.
I still may try to have a whiskey later... Cheers!

9:57 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Cheers Scoakat!

11:58 am  

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